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Welcome ! PLease find here below our latest news and share them ! Some parts of the website is still in the french version, the english version of our website is not yet completed, it will be completed gradually. Thank you for your comprehension !

2017.06.01 - World - Open letter to the kind attention of the President of the USA, Donald Trump

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2017.04.14 - France - whole branch & law sector - French President election - Justice/Law practice candidates'proposals - FEDJF information to the practionners & citizens to be consult - The FEDJF's main requests to the candidates

2017.04.13 - France & UE - whole branch & law sector - FEDJF Labels (last & final version) publication

2017.04.10 - Europe & Monde - Terrorists attacks in EU and in the World - Syrian issue - Communiqué

2017.02.03 - France - Paris attack on Military officers - Communiqué

2017.02.03 - France & UE - whole branch & law sector - FEDJF founder & president's statement about the latest Dep. of Justice consulting work only targetting barristers' requests, and her statement to correct misunderstandings in the media as some propagandists propagate false news about the practionners education in Law - Communiqué

2017.01.18 - The FEDJF wishes the best of ourselves for all of us, all around the World - 2017 wishes

2016.12.23 - The FEDJF wishes to everyone the gentlest festive season - Communiqué

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